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Members Flock to Noel Johnson’s Last Social Engagement

On Jan. 24, Virginia Noel Johnson (Christmas, 1920—Jan. 18, 2009), who spent over 30 years as the Local 1600 social chair and many years as the Daley College Business Department chair, had her funeral service at the Hallowell and James Funeral Home in Countryside, IL. Her children, Brian and Lois Brazda, were present as were her stepdaughters Nancy Johnson Stout and Karen Johnson Kelly. Rev. Robert von Trebra of Lyonsville Congregational United Church of Christ conducted the ceremony; Mark Masden sang two songs.
As Perry Buckley was with the AFT in Washington, DC, his wife, Lillian Buckley, represented her husband. Vice President CCC Sonia Powell and Secretary Pat Wenthold were a friendly duo who gave their condolences to the family members. 
Retirees Chapter Chair Norm Swenson gave a eulogy. He noted her years as the social chair running the union banquet. Upon retirement, Johnson worked as an attorney representing criminal defendants. She also found time to serve as a representative to the Union House.  He concluded his remarks by saying: “Noel Johnson’s charm and energy drew people to her.” She certainly drew a good crowd of 150 or more friends and neighbors. Many of them commented privately on her many charitable contributions, including the Daley College Chapter’s scholarship fund. 
Some of the members went off to have lunch at the William Tell Restaurant before traveling to Ridgewood Cemetery. Before they left, many had funny and personable tales to tell of Noel Johnson’s activities at parties and on the picket line. Union Treasurer and accountant, Don Radtke, said that it was Johnson who had interviewed him and recommended him for employment at Daley College. Radtke said: “If it wasn’t for Noel, I wouldn’t be here today.”
As the members went to their cars, one of them tossed over his shoulder: “If there ever is a need for a picket line in heaven, Noel will be on it.”
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Top Photo: Virginia Noel Johnson--Christmas, 1920-January 18, 2009--was the longtime social chair of Local 1600 and Business Department chair at Daley College.
Bottom Photo: Some of the Local 1600 members and family who attended Noel Johnson's Jan. 24 funeral services: Lillian Buckley, Treasurer Don Radtke, Secretary Pat Wenthold, Vice President CCC Sonia Powell, Frank Pokin, Ted Berg, Retirees Chair Norm Swenson, Chris Dimas, George Brixie, and Jim Kennedy.  It was 10 degrees above 0 that day, but their hearts were warm.

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